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About us


The Wominvest Observatory exists because it must. For too long now there has been a void in the space between the different organizations and initiatives designed to further the progress of women at the convergence of the startup and innovation ecosystems. The money has not been getting to female founders at critical moments of establishing and growing their companies, hence leaving these nascent ideas to wither. Our aim is to work together, to be a place where everyone will want to be, will come to for the most reliable information and to lend their stories and a helping hand to others. We welcome all because we know that fragmentation and stratification will only further impede process.

We launched with the 12th European Innovation Summit, with EUTop50 awards for female entrepreneur, and for the VC and investor who support them the most. We are expanding with informative webinars, discussions on topics, articles and research of our own, because the ecosystem needs an independent and reliable source for data about women entrepreneurs and investors in the EU. We go wherever the information is absent or incomplete.

The co-founders are Jara Pascual and Carol Tarr.  All members of the observatory are expected to volunteer to speak to students (girls and boys) about the experiences in STEM, startups and/or investing. Our strength is our legacy.

The Wominvest Observatory is a non-profit organization, to ensure the integrity of the investment process and protect the entrepreneur with the knowledge transfer activities.

This observatory addresses in particular the involvement and role of women entrepreneurs in innovative tech business on both sides, investor management teams and startup leadership teams. Less than 1% of Venture Capital funds are managed by women and % of women startup entrepreneurs is significantly below the average across all types of businesses. VCs, backed by LPs such as EIF, family offices, governments & pensions funds, still invest only 2-6% of total funding towards female founders and mixed founding teams.

1. Review and analyse the curricula and approaches to investor decision processes in the top business schools (which are the main suppliers of investors)

2. Review and analyse the investment decision processes, criteria and outcome.

3. Building a community for cultural change including investors, entrepreneurs, business schools, policy makers and politicians, building upon existing networks and communities such as European Women in VC.

4. Setting up an observatory to collect papers, studies, events, etc, to support the action by providing intelligence and contributing further analytical work.

5. Organizing dedicated events, bringing together the community and stimulating the debate.

6. Deploying a wide (social) media campaign to increase awareness.

7. Setting up an expert group, to design a roadmap and make recommendations to foster cultural change by adapting the academic curricula, engaging more female investors, promote mixed investor teams and redesign the investor decision processes and criteria to increase women led businesses.

Images from our First Debate in the European Parliament on 5th February 2020:

Images from our pre-summit debate on 31st October 2021:

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