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We are looking for sponsors and partners to join us in this journey to INCREASING EUROPEAN INNOVATION BY INVESTING IN WOMEN AND DIVERSITY.

If you care about gender equality, reducing inequalities, increasing innovation in our industry, and you believe on collaboration and partnerships. Then, you are the right sponsor and partner.

If you want to make things happen, if you want to be part of the change, if you want to be part of the movement, if you want to be an active actor to create an inclusive and innovative society. Then, you are the right sponsor and partner.

The K4I Forum in the European Parliament brings together policy makers and stakeholders in debates about the future of innovation in Europe. After hundreds of debates, the Forum is well established in the European Parliament and recognized by the other EU institutions. The K4I MEP Policy Brief describes complex issues, particularly those arising from Commission proposals and those which the Members of the European Parliament, in their role as co-legislator, have to amend, report or vote on.


Contact: Founder and CEO Roland Strauss.

Collabwith is a global platform to standardized collaboration for innovation, our value proposal is to simplify, digitalize, accelerate the collaboration process from searching your partner until starting collaborating. It’s a one-stop-shop including search engines, making requests, negotiation, legal and payment by using our own technology. Collabwith is a technology and a service to structure collaboration for innovation. It’s a tool to connect academics, start-ups and organizations. Because a tool is not enough to transform how you collaborate, here we have created a new methodology, personalized training, a new way of communication and a tailored made consulting for you to be more effective and efficient. We have in our platform 44% of women academics, entrepreneurs and women in innovation professionals.

Website: CollaborationXInnovation Platform:

Contact: Founder & CEO Jara Pascual.

Dexterity Club provides innovative learning opportunities and resources to encourage children and their parents to develop digital skills and competencies in a responsible way. We offer courses and workshops on the topics of Coding, robotics, and digital citizenship. Additionally, we offer workshops for parents on the topics of digital safety.

We are a group of international women living in The Hague, with a background in technology and education. We have a keen interest in global challenges, and together we decided to create an innovative solution that: 

  1. Supports children to become creators and not just users of technology.
  2. Helps children develop their digital citizenship skills to become more responsible, employable, and tolerant future citizens.
  3. Motivates girls, at the same time as boys, to be interested in areas of technology and computer science, in order to reduce the evident gender gap in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers. 
  4. Provides tools for parents and teachers to join their children’s digital competencies development. 

Webiste: from Global Initiative ITU GIRLS IN ICT

Contact: Dexterityclub@gmail.comTere Sánchez Co-founder and Dina Fajardo Co-founder.

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